Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art is a definitive guide on the history and future of the world of stickers. With over 4000 pieces represented, this book details the rise of the now widley accepted communication tool – the sticker. The book will feature comments from sticker artists such as SWOON, ESPO, Clayton Patterson, and many more. The book also comes with eight sheets of stickers featuring such artists as Barry McGee, Ryan McGuinness, and José Parlá. The book will release on September 14th through Rizzoli Books.

You can pre-order from Amazon right now: Paperback or Hard-cover Deluxe Version

Computer Arts Projects stickers

There will be free stickers in the next issue of Computer Arts Projects magazine (issue #140). Be sure to check the news stands for it. These look absolutely amazing – with artwork is done by no other than Hydro74, and printed up by Sticker Robot. Computer Arts Projects is an amazing magazine for designers – whether just starting out or working as a pro, there’s lots of good tips, tricks, and goodies with every issue.

Decals for your Luggage

luggage decals

Transportation officials my not find these too amusing, but we here at Stickerlife think these are the most brilliant use of decals we have ever seen. Have trouble recognizing your luggage at the baggage claim? These should do the trick, and should bring about some entertaining scenarios as well.

You can get these and more neat things at

Hydro74 stickers

Chris Ryniak, Dave Kinsey, Amanda Vissell, Hydro74, and many other amazing artist will be exhibiting work at the Sea No Evil art show in Riverside, California this weekend. Sponsored by Sticker Robot, there is sure to be many awesome stickers to add to your collection as well. Its a show not to be missed if you’re in the area.

For more info, click here.

Win this TeeFury Sticker

EARLY SNEAK PEAK PROMO: Win a sticker of next Tuesday’s Splash design by tweeting

“@teefury @winterartwork I love your upcoming Splash shirt. Give me a sticker!”

or flash mob Winterartwork with something silly like

“@teefury @winterartwork Winterartwork, I want you to father my children you stallion!”

Bumper Stickers for your Shoes!

Bumper Stickers for Your Shoes

Bumper Stickers for Your Shoes

A cool concept via MakeZine. Not sure if you can purchase them anywhere, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be too hard to make with a computer and some sticker paper.

More Awesomeness!

Boom Box Wall Stickers

New awesome wall stickers coming soon from The Wall Sticker. Deck out your room with boomboxes all over!