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Sticker Spotting – NYC

Sticker Life took a short trip to NYC a few weeks back. It was a journey filled with skateboarding, punk rock, and urban exploring. NYC is a playground for street artists and sticker artists. Here are a few of the coolest places we witnessed:

Randomly happened upon 5 Pointz – a huge artists area. We were actually on our way back from the Maloof skate park when we got off on a stop for some food. Saw this art oasis across from the subway station and had to explore.

A bunch of awesome stickers around NYC. Even scored some for free from Autumn Skate Shop and from a French artist we ran into at 5 Pointz. Love the underwear sticker!

Shepard Fairey spotting in East Village – near St. Marks.

We’d like to thank Chris Berntsen for putting us up in his awesome loft. We can’t wait to go back and see more!

Sticker Spotting

Sticker spotting at the local Borders book store. These cute little things remind me of the Lisa Frank stickers I had back in the day.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica sticker spotting

I can’t think of anything more welcoming than when you’re in a strange place you’ve never been and you notice the town sign is covered with stickers- surfing, skating and art, this was our kind of town. A few feet later, we saw another, and not too much further down was streets lined with surf shops and small restaurants. We knew we reached our destination of good times. This was from Sticker Life’s trip to Costa Rica not too long ago. The cupcake sticker was my personal favorite.