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GSelect has some awesome pics and review of the new book Stickers – Stuck Up Piece of Crap book up on their site. This is definitely something worth buying, for yourself or as a gift to any sticker/street art fan.

You can check out the deluxe and regular editions at Amazon too!

Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art is a definitive guide on the history and future of the world of stickers. With over 4000 pieces represented, this book details the rise of the now widley accepted communication tool – the sticker. The book will feature comments from sticker artists such as SWOON, ESPO, Clayton Patterson, and many more. The book also comes with eight sheets of stickers featuring such artists as Barry McGee, Ryan McGuinness, and JosĂ© Parlá. The book will release on September 14th through Rizzoli Books.

You can pre-order from Amazon right now: Paperback or Hard-cover Deluxe Version