Michael Anderson, a Bronx-born artist, claims to have the largest collection of graffiti stickers, numbering 40,000 give-or-take. All of which he peeled by hand on the New York City streets with a leatherman tool and kept them in a notebook.

In 2008, the Ace Hotel came called on Michael Anderson to design a mural for the hotel’s entry way and the sticker wall was born. The collection boasts over 4,000 or so stickers scanned from Anderson’s notebooks. The curation provides a unique and visually interesting display in the hotel and commemorates New York’s long culture of street art.

The rest of the hotel is nice too, providing a homey-feel that is comforting. The Ace Hotel has expanded into several different cities including Seattle, Portland, and Palm Springs offering a similar feel, though New York is unique in the street art aspect of it.

I don’t know about you, but this hotel is definitely worth checking out the next time I’m out that way for a visit.

For more information on the hotel: www.acehotel.com

For more information on the sticker display check out the write-up on New York Magazine’s website.